Do we have to be at the Orientation the evening before our tour?

YES!  The orientation is mandatory.  As previously mentioned, you will be briefed on the do’s and don’ts of the tour the following morning.  You will also learn more about the Greater Prairie Chicken and get a chance to talk to a biologist.  The other key factor to being there is that you will be informed as to what time the bus will leave the next morning.  This information cannot be given out ahead of time due to weather and the sunrise.  Therefore if you do not show up, you will not be allowed on the bus the next morning.  The only exception that can be made is if you contact the McCook / Red Willow County Tourism office prior to the orientation with a logical reason as to why you can’t be there.

What happens if the weather turns bad?

We will go on the tour no matter what the weather is …. Unless it becomes too hazardous to drive out to the lek.  A cancellation due to weather conditions is small, but if it does become necessary, we will let you know as far in advance as possible and you will receive a full refund.

If I cancel my reservation, will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for these tours.  If there is an extraordinary circumstance that prevents you from coming, you will need to contact us and be able to offer proof of your reason.  Otherwise we will be unable to offer a refund.